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       Website "Obsession as a catastrophe" is created. Original version (russian) of site: http://odkk.ru

       The unusual and on the face of it frightening theme "obssession of the person" is offered to attention of the reader. This phenomenon has strongly entered for a long time already into surrounding life, and starts to dominate in it. Many literary and historical sources denote danger of appearance of this epidemic in our very much a hard time of change of Space Epoch. For the seekers and strong man this theme is opened in the book once again.
       The book - is a result of many years' work in this direction of the group of not indifferent to this theme people, though this book has been published under name of one author. Everything that is written in this book is result of their personal experience, based on the theory of The Teaching of Living Ethics.
       Authors do not engage in expulsion, diagnostics and predictions at the instance of private persons.

"The given materials are intellectual property. Noncommercial use of the text is authorized. But any distortions of the texts placed on the website are prohibited. At citing of materials of the website it is necessary to give a reference to the source".

Quest book
Part 1 "Obsession as a catastrophe"
A little bit about how we came to this theme
The theme of "obsession" in literature
  •    "Epidemics" N.K. Roerich
  •    "Obsessed persons" N.K. Roerich
  •    "Invincible" N.K. Roerich
  •    "About obsession" N.A. Uranov
  •    "About suffering" from book "Foundation of The New Epoch's mentality" A.I. Klisovskij
  •    "Letters from a living dead man" E. Barker
  •    "Obsessed persons" A.P. Heidok
    Information about obsession's phenomenon in historical sources
    Information about obsession's phenomenon in modern sources with author's comments
    Agni Yoga (The Teaching of Living Ethics)
  •    Agni Yoga about obsession's phenomenon
    Letters of Helena Roerich about obsession's phenomenon
  •    Letters of H. Roerich to F.D. Lukin
  •    Letters of H. Roerich to collaborators
    "Facets of Agni Yoga" by B.N. Abramov about obsession's phenomenon
    Experience of obsessions determination
  •    Possible consequences of expulsion for obsessed person and other participants of events
  •    Historical example of obsession and deliverance from it
  •    Diagnostic criterions of obsession's determination
  •    What is view of obsession in the Subtle World?
  •    Example of rapid obsession's process
  •    Personal experience of authors to obsession's determination
  •    Abilities of Kirlian's method for obsession's determination
    What are necessary rules have to keep after expulsion
    About nature obsessors and techniques of counteraction to them
    Obsessed person and collective
    Mediumism and obsession's phenomenon
    Obsessed person in a family
    Light-mindedness as a reason of obsession
    Obssession by "inhuman" essence
    Just stories from daily life
  •    Observations of obsessed persons
  •    Loss of memory and formation of living corpses as a result of obsession
  •    Very typical stories
  •    Influence of obsessors to animals
    About infectiousness of obsession
    Psychotechnics against obsessor
    Alcohol promote to obsession
    Seriousness of situation in a whole World
    Yu.N. Roerich "From the Treasury of Wisdom" (recommendations to every day)
    The Theosophical Glossary
  • Part 2 Obsession: Battle and Victory
    The second book can be ordered (Russian version)

    Part 3 Iridial signs of obsession's diagnostics
    Signs of obsession and living corpse's state which are observed to eye's appearances. Some other symptoms of these states
    About pigmental and other signs of obsession and living corpse's state in detail
    Pigmental type: "tobacco snuffing"
    Narrowing of eyeshot
    Pupillary rim
    Crumbling of pigment
    Friability and light-absorption of pupillary rim
    Example of characteristic pigmentation of obsessed person's eye
    Some signs which can tell about obsession
    Examples of patient's examination with diagnostics criteria of obsession and living corpse's state
    Example of stage-by-stage observation
    Wet glass
    Approximate list of questions which doctor used for examination of patients with suspicion about obsession (or living corpse's state)
    And also some questions from doctor's list which sound to level of health and to eyesight
    How to be?...
    Facets of Agni-Yoga (about self-suggestion)
    Pendulum (Determination of psychic energy quality, diagnostics of obsession and living corpse's state by the radiesthesia method)
    Pendulum. Requirement to operator
    Pendulum. How to work with pendulum?
    Pendulum. Notional meaning of pendulum's swing
    Pendulum. Determination of quality of the psychic energy using a diagram
    Pendulum. Some traits to use of pendulum
    Examples of oculist's examination of patient-teenager's with obsession
    Example of obsession and forming of living corpse's state at children after obsession of mother
    Statistic graphs. Some diagnostics criteria of obsession
    Aum, paragraph 206. About pendulum.


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